The Investor Readiness Toolkit™

The Investment Readiness Toolkit contains the documents, templates, databases and advice that companies need to raise capital.

Customers will also get access to a Members Area which contains a regularly updated Resource Centre.  The Investment Readiness Toolkit is designed to save you time and money and prepare thoroughly for investment into your company, be it from venture capitalists, angels, banks and even friends and families.

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Melissa Mercer, CEO Pixxcell Ltd:

I found the documentation hugely helpful in putting together our proposal for funding, which included both private capital and grant funds.  Having all the documents from one source saved me time, as well as money.  The templates were also flexible enough to allow me to make my proposals unique, different and effective.


Peter Jennings, CEO Fuelstretcher Ltd:

Raising capital is a very time consuming affair, and we were able to have most of the heavy lifting done, especially when it came to due diligence, by being prepared in advance.  The templates allowed us to cover off the key areas where we knew investors were going to look.  There is no doubt that being prepared like this gave us the confidence that our proposals were first class.


Ty Harnett; Director HSI Ltd:

My strength is invention, not preparing documentation, so I found the toolkit really useful indeed and gave me a list of tasks that I knew I had to do.  There were one or two areas where I had to seek professional advice, but it was building on the existing templates.  Overall, saved me time and money, and I would fully
recommend it.