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The Toolkit consists of four main sections:

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On purchase of the Toolkit, this allows clients into the Members area which allows for the downloading of all documents, Guidance Notes and Templates as well as membership to the Resource Area.

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TestimonialAlvin Smith. Director
Dartmouth Wave Energy Ltd

...Excellent value at the price.  For about the same cost as an hour with a lawyer, it offers tremendous value...

TestimonialSimon Reeves, Director AkariABP Ltd

The toolkit gave me a real insight into what is required to raise capital, the detail you need to go to, and how to get your message across.  Well worth it, and the Investor Search has given us a number of leads that our ‘google’ research did not pick up.


Dr Chris Thornton, CEO
Isca Diagnostics Ltd

Raising capital is a fairly lengthy process and can be quite daunting for the first time.  The Toolkit allowed us to get our documentation and approach correct, and gave us the confidence to negotiate a great deal with our stakeholders and future shareholders.